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Is Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacting your organization?

The answer for most this month is: "Yes!"


And I want to help - I'm offering complimentary initial advisory services for any organization (and, if necessary, additional engagements at greatly discounted rates during this time). Contact me to schedule a time to talk.


I'm available to be a sounding board, collaborator, and mind-share partner to help you and your organization handle a potential crisis and continue to work toward your goals.

There are a number of ways your organization may be impacted and questions you might be asking. From developing a business continuity plan, to taking inventory of and checking related policies, to finding opportunities to make virtual work more engaging, I'd love the opportunity to help.


Can our employees work remotely? Do we have a telecommuting policy? Do we need one? How do we keep remote workers engaged?

Laptop Work


What if there is an outbreak or confirmed case in the office? How can we prevent this? Can we ask or require employees to self-quarantine?

Doctor with Files


Do we have a crisis management plan? Do we have documented emergency processes and policies? Can we communicate effectively?

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